Little Girls in the EDGE Gymnastics


Tall and Small 1 & 2 is a 45-minute class that uses music, games, and play to create a fun-filled learning environment with a tall person there to help! This program offers important opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills while exploring all of the different ways a body can move. Students will explore fundamental movement patterns on all of our gymnastic equipment, including our mini “Just for Kids” apparatus. These movements include jumping, hanging, climbing, balancing, and supporting. This class also introduces social skills such as listening, sharing, taking turns, and developing friendships.


Tall & Small-1

Ages 15 months – 2 years

Class length 45 min.

Requires a tall person over 18. Please note, this is an active participation for both tall’s and smalls.

Tall and & Small 2

Ages 2-3 yrs

Class length: 45 min

Same info as above-

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Little Girl in the EDGE Gymnastics

Explore 1

Our aim with Explore 1 is to help our 3-year-old students thrive in an independent gymnastics’ environment. We do this by offering a lower participant-to-coach ratio, which helps create a more focused class setting and allows for more individualized attention.

Each 45-minute class begins with an interactive group warm-up activity, often set to music. This is followed by various circuits around the gym on all of our gymnastic equipment, including our “Just for Kids” sized gymnastic apparatus. Students will work on attaining target skills such as forward rolls on a cheese mat, unassisted beam walks, mini cartwheels, mini handstands, assisted supports on the bars, and controlled bouncing and safety stops on the trampoline. Students will also work on improving their balance, hand-eye coordination, agility, and flexibility.

Another important focus of our Explore -1 program is developing essential “good citizen skills”, which include listening to and following simple directions, learning to trust a teacher, waiting in line for turns, and staying with a group.

Age: 3

Class length: 45 min

Objective: to listen and follow directions, wait for their turn, and explore all aspects of gymnastics and physical literacy.

Explore 2

Participants are beginning to really step out of their comfort zones! This          1-hour structured class sees students blossom as they learn the fundamentals of gymnastics on all of the gymnastic equipment, including our “Just For Kids” sized gymnastic apparatus. Basic skills and essential gymnastic body positions become familiar as students run, jump, hang, swing, balance, tumble, and climb through challenging and fun weekly theme-oriented circuits. Classes begin with an active warm-up, often set to music, and end with a high five!

This class promotes the development of physical abilities, self-confidence, listening skills, and socialization. Not only is it an action-packed good time, but it also inspires an excellent environment for a strong physical and mental foundation to grow.

Girl Doing Body Stretching

Ages 4&5

Class length 1 hr

Objective: Our Explore 2 program participants will be introduced to the Active Start program as well as basic physical literacy. Fundamental movement patterns to help develop well-rounded physical abilities. Let’s not forget about fun, play and making friends.

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In all of our recreational programming, our athletes will be using the Can-Gym program. This level-based system will progress our athletes on an individual basis without pressure. We take pride in teaching all participants to the level of each person’s ability. Physical development is important, but not at the cost of a person’s mental well-being.

EDGE E-explore, D-determination, G- Go for it, E- excellence is our motto.


Levels 1,2,3

Ages 6 and up

Length of class: 1.5 hrs

Intro -2

Levels 4 &5

Class length: 1.5 hr

Ages 7 and up

Advanced -1

Levels 6,7

Class length: 2 hrs

Ages 8 and up

Advanced 2

Levels 8 and up

Class length 3 hrs

Ages 9 and up

Competitive Programs


EDGE Gymnastics offers a developmental program to train young gymnasts at a more challenging level and evaluate their potential fit for competitive programs. In these programs, coaches will improve gymnasts’ physical strength, flexibility, and coordination.

The developmental program is for girls ages 4-8 who show a desire to train more.

All athletes must be invited to try out, or parents can call for their daughters to be assessed.

Gymnastic Maintaining Balance
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Woman Doing Gymnastics


EDGE competitive training focuses on an athlete’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being alongside their conditioning and skill development. Our dedicated coaching staff firmly believes that developing a women’s competitive gymnast requires more than just elite gymnastics training, it requires comprehensive gymnast support. This means that our women’s competitive gymnastics training is committed to the emotional support and development of gymnasts, alongside the high-level conditioning and development of their physical gymnastics’ capabilities. Based on each individuals’ abilities, our experienced head coach will place athletes where they are best suited. All athletes must try out for a spot on the team.

Gymnastics Birthday Parties

Book Your Gymnastics Birthday Party Online!

To book your gymnastics birthday party, please click on the button below. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us.

Please note that we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Direct Debit online. To pay by cash or debit, please visit us in person at the gym!

EDGE Gymnastics.
EDGE Gymnastics.

Our Gymnastics Birthday Parties…

Our parties are two hours long and start with 1 hour and 15 minutes in the gym. We begin with a warm-up activity or game and then move to a structured lesson, so all guests can feel comfortable and master the basics. All parties end with some free time to play and explore. The last 45 minutes are spent in the birthday room, where guests can enjoy refreshments and celebrate the special day!

Here’s a few reasons why our parties are awesome:

  • 1 We Specialize in High-Quality, Low-Ratio Parties. We Allow Up to a Maximum of 16 Guests, Including the Birthday Child. This Low Ratio Keeps Things Safe, Calm, and Enjoyable.
  • 2 Our Coaches Are Energetic and Engaged. They Cater the Party to Meet the Specific Age and Ability Needs of Your Group.
  • 3 Our Party Room is Big, Bright, and Welcoming!
  • 4 We Have a Dedicated Admin Team Member Who Helps Everyone Get Checked in and Feel Comfortable on the Day of the Party.
  • 5 You Can Bring in Any Food You Like. Keep in Mind, We Are a Nut-Free Facility.

Up to 16 Partiers (2 coaches) Call Us today to book your Party

*Current Members Save $25! Please Contact Our Office for Your Members Only Promo Code

In order to keep the party safe and fun, we require you to keep the guest list to a maximum of 16 kids. Please remember to include the Birthday child and all participating siblings in this count. We understand that it is hard to keep guest lists from growing, but please be respectful of this policy, so we can work together to make this the best party for your child!